Welcome All Prospective Mustangs!

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Welcome All Prospective Mustangs!

Post  SCho06 on Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:25 am

What's up? Steven here, graduate of '06 and 3rd year at University of Western Ontario.

The board for University of Western Ontario (UWO or Western) is finally up after someone realised something something something.

I have seen several students from North attending Western and I hope they will join with me soon to help answer questions you may have about Western.

I'll break the intro down into two parts in another threads. They will consist of info on Western, and that of London(that's ON, not UK), and a possible info on myself to more specialized(?) Q&A.

I guess I'll be appealing to graduates of '09 but I do hope I could make impact on those considering transfer or even a change of scene, depending on the field of study of course.

My e-mail address is: scho47@gmail.com in case anyone wants to throw me a question before I start putting up some info.



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