The Frosh Dance

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The Frosh Dance

Post  stsuei06 on Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:47 am

*Shoulder flick*
In me the scientist

*side cougar step* *side cougar step*
Always get stuck on

*shake hip* *mime like Mr. Mime*
always trying this
I try to live on science alone

*forward cougar crawl*

Or so went the script for the frosh dance for University of Waterloo. (Frosh = first years) It was written by FOCs. (pronounced “fawks, abbreviation for Frosh Organizing Committee)

Like many other Universities, it has been a tradition in the University of Waterloo to have a frosh week, to welcome the froshies, and to orient them in the new environment termed University.

The Frosh Dance (

After getting a frosh shirt, and sent to my appropriate station–Chaotic Collision—I started to learn the dancing steps from the four FOCs standing on the stage.

“Shake shake, turn around and point”. Four of them stepped through the sequence on the stage, and eight hundred sets of bodies followed.

“Now raise your hand forty-five degrees as if you’re grabbing the apple that hit Newton on the head!” The big FOC announced enthusiastically while going through the exact motions specified. “The other hand is parallel to it, and your face should be in the plane of the hands! Draw a line from the fist to fist and, elbow to elbow, it should form a parallelgram!” Move right, move right. Now left, left.”

And I thought that Albert Brennamen didn’t know how to dance in the movie “Hitch”…

At some point, you start to wonder what the point is.

Then it dawned on us in the last day. On the large green turf beside the residences, the thousand-people frosh army danced to the swirling tunes of “I am a Scientist” by Dandy Warhols.

“Yeah, I’m the scientist,
* Schwarzenneger flex, then brush shoulders off*

Gotta live on science alone”
*back stroke, back stroke*


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