May 12th News

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May 12th News

Post  CHo05 on Mon May 12, 2008 2:49 pm

Hey Guys,

So we’ve given our presentation to some 50 graduating students on May 2nd, and some of them have already begun signing up to Project Connect.

Our current focus now is to encourage the involvement of BNS high school students. Peggy Robinson has kindly agreed to bring up our project to the staff during their next staff meeting, as well as bring this resource to the attention of the PAC. Furthermore, Jennifer Cowley has also put a link to Project Connect on the school’s website.

Thanks for all the submissions to our banner contest. It’s really fun to see all the art pieces around. On our part, I think we’ve figured out how to crown the winning user with the “Banner King (or Queen)” rank in their profile  It was just something we figured out how to do in our spare time. We will be doing another presentation to the school board on May 13th to show the potential of this new resource.

“Shout Outs” forum has been renamed the “Off-topics” forum because the previous name was not obvious enough to some individuals.

If there is anything else you’d like to see on this forum, please continue making suggestions and comments. I think we’re at a time where we will only grow. Thanks everyone for helping out.


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