LANPARTY - tips and tricks, ask questions here if needed

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LANPARTY - tips and tricks, ask questions here if needed

Post  bcheng06 on Sun May 04, 2008 9:49 pm

So here's a little story I wanted to share with everyone about my success of holding a LANPARTY at SFU. A LANPARTY is basically a bunch of computer gamers joining together in one centralized location to play all their games.

We looked all around town and no one was kind enough to let us rent a room and
1) Be VERY loud
2) Stay till 12 at night
3) Be relatively cheap

I was the chief organizer of this party and here's my experience with both the party itself as well as renting the room. SFU is amazing with the SFSS. They let us have the room for free, basically ($60 refundable deposit). As for setting up the Lanparty

1) Please, whatever you do, make sure your games are well prepared. The worse thing that can happen is to have all the hardware running fine and then.. how come no one has the games?

2) Power needs - make sure the room you're renting has sufficient power for your computers. The second worst thing to happen @ a lanparty - breakers being tripped. Not only does it kill all the fun, it also makes for extreme inconveniences.

3) Room: Spread people out so they are sufficiently far enough from each other, but still close enough to scream at each other.

4) Networking - wireless routing can be very useful during lanparties, but for smaller sized ones, a wired switch can bring less headaches.

So -- if you're thinking about setting up a LANPARTY either at SFU or another location, keep these thoughts in mind and you'll be fine!
As an aside: I believe BNS should set up a LANPARTY sometime. If there's enough interest from students(both current and past students), I might even decide to go back and help setup. If you even think you'll be interested in this, contact me via PM or just respond in this thread.


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