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Re: Financing Your Education forum?

Post  JHsi05 on Wed Apr 16, 2008 6:19 pm

The mentioning of "awards" in your last post reminded me: maybe a board named "financing your education" for scholarship/award/grant opportunities? I personally don't know if analogous opportunities exist for career-building (entrepreneurship funds? investment for beginners?), but if they do then we can either include "career" in the title or create a separate board.

To avoid confusion and repetitive posting, I think said board should exclude scholarships that are specific to institutions, such as the major entrance scholarships of UBC and SFU. Instead, threads about those scholarships should be maintained under the institutions' boards, and questions posted on the "financing your education" board about these institution-specific scholarships should be redirected accordingly. That's just how my mind works to categorize them though, and it might make no sense to other users... so what do you all think?

UPDATE: I obviously didn't see the "Awards and Experiences" board in the "Experiences" section. D'oh! Still, I think there's a certain need to distinguish between financing an education and being honoured with an award/program, because an award/program is necessarily merit-based, while there can be many more ways (not necessarily merit-based) for someone to finance themselves than through an award/program. Again, what do you all think about this -- is this distinction splitting at hairs (for the purposes of setting up boards)?


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Re: Financing Your Education forum?

Post  CHo05 on Thu Apr 17, 2008 5:19 pm


Financing one's education is probably a topic that many of us would be interested in. I can think of several ways this can happen:

1) award/scholarship
2) a job
3) a loan
4) investments.

We probably can talk about them, but do you feel that this sort of talk can be instead put in the "General School Questions" forum?


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