Tips for Award/Scholarship Applications - from someone who has adjudicated entrance scholarships

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Tips for Award/Scholarship Applications - from someone who has adjudicated entrance scholarships

Post  KTse04 on Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:24 am

Since becoming a Senator at SFU, I have been on scholarship committees where we decide on service awards and scholarships (even entrance ones!)

Here are some tips on putting together a great package:

*In grades 8 to 12*

1) Attempt to maintain an B+ to A+ average (I know this is going to be hard, but if you want your university paid for, you've got to work it). Don't let your grades slip in any particular year. We do check your Gr 11 marks, for example, to consider how consistently you performed.

2) JOIN CLUBS! I cannot stress this enough. You need to have extracurricular activities. Clubs, sport teams, student council - JOIN THEM and be good at what you do. Remember: being a member often does not cut it - be an executive, be the team captain! Put in the hours now, and you will have less to worry about when it comes to paying student loans.

3) Volunteer. Volunteer at worthwhile causes. Once you start volunteering there, stick with it. Award committees like to see students show a sense of commitment at their volunteer positions. This often means that we appreciate it when a student has been volunteering consistently at one place for like 1 or 2 years. So, for example, if you join the Library Club in Gr 10 and keep it up until Gr 12, that's fabulous.

* When putting together your package *

1) Have a clear resume. Get teachers, librarians, counselors, your parents, or anyone you know to read it over. You should have several sections (e.g. Awards & Academic Achievements, Work Experience, Volunteer Experience within the School, Volunteer Experience in the Community)

Individual lines within the resume should include things like the "name of position," the "length of involvement," your "commitment per week," and a "description of your role":

For example:

SUCCESS Tutor at Burnaby North Secondary (2007-2008) 2 hr commitment per week: I tutor Gr 8-10 students with science and math homework assignments. This is a position that requires patience and good verbal communication skills.

2) Showoff your skills in your cover letter. Explain what you learned from your experiences. Elaborate on your role - describe what you do. Demonstrate how you are a leader in what you do.

3) Write in a clear, succinct, and grammatically correct way. Get someone to proofread your package and take the time to edit it at least 4 times.

4) Choose fonts and layouts that read easily. Avoid resume clutter.

5) Make each award application unique and interesting. If you are writing to apply for a SFU entrance scholarship, explain exactly why SFU appeals to you (for example: I want to be at no other university than SFU, because my dream is to study Criminology with Dr. Gail Anderson who teaches forensics). Or, if you are writing to apply for a service award, elaborate specifically on your volunteer experiences.

This has already been a lengthy guide, so that's all for now Smile

If you would like more advice on applying for specific scholarships or awards, just message me.



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Re: Tips for Award/Scholarship Applications - from someone who has adjudicated entrance scholarships

Post  JYip09 on Sun May 17, 2009 9:18 pm

Thank you so much for your advice. Very Happy


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