Tips and Tricks for Using the Forum

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Tips and Tricks for Using the Forum

Post  CHo05 on Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:16 pm

Tips and Tricks for using the forum

Member Profiles: Are you looking for a specific individual? All registered members and their profiles are listed "memberlist" in our header. This list can be sorted in multiple ways including alphabetically or by date registered for your convenient perusal. Note that this forum is only accessible to registered users.

Watching Topics: Are you interested in a current discussion topic and want to be notified when it gets updated? Beneath the last post of every discussion topic is a link title “watch this topic”. Activating that link will cause the forum to send an email to you every time that discussion topic gets updated. You can cancel this service by clicking the link “stop watching this topic”, which replaces the ‘watch this topic” link upon activation.

Username Links: Usernames that in the “Memberlist” link in our header are active links to a limited profile page. Clicking on the “profile” link located underneath the author of each post also sends you to the limited profile page of the author. This profile page allows you to look up all the other posts this user has made, and send a private message to the user.

Private Messages: Sending a private message to any user is identical to sending an email to that user. Each user has their own private inbox, and the forum can send a notice to the user’s primary email address notifying them of the private message.

Groups: All registered members are given certain attributes such as “Graduated 2005” or “University of Waterloo”, indicating that they graduated from Burnaby North in 2005 and are (or were) a student of the University of Waterloo respectively. Many more attributes exists on our forum, and you can find individuals with certain attributes by looking under Usergroups (in the header) and selecting the attribute of your choice in the drop-down box on the page.

Search: A search box in the upper-right-hand corner of the page allows you to search all topics and posts by the keywords you enter into the searchbox.


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